Grow Your Business Online With Shopify

If you’re thinking of starting an online business in e-commerce then look no further than the Shopify Platform.  Shopify is one of the world’s most commonly used e-commerce platforms that now have over 1,000,000 subscribers. It’s slightly different when it comes to SEO as you can’t access the necessary code to optimize your site to perfection. Shopify SEO is a specialist subject and if you’re look for some free Shopify SEO training then I’d recommend Integrity Search.

They have built the world’s first Shopify theme that allows you to optimize collection page filter/tag pages.

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ClickFunnels Review For Businesses & Affiliates

If you’re thinking of launching a sales funnel and you don;t know where to start or if you’re looking to start an affiliate marketing business then look no further thank this ClickFunnels Review by award winning agency Integrity Search. This in-depth article looks at all perspectives including businesses, online entrepreneurs and affiliates. Check out their free service bonus of coaching and mentoring for anyone that signs up to the free 14-day trial using their links.

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Furnishing a Student House

Most students do not believe that they can actually turn their typically plain dorm rooms into exquisite homes. All that learners see are the concrete floors and cold cinderblock walls. However, with a little creativity and expertise, you can actually transform your college house into a very cosy retreat that is totally different from what you get from the letting agents.

Always go for Multifunctional, compact or mobile furniture. This can be quite helpful when you have a small living space because you avoid overcrowding the room. For example, you can get a futon, which can be used as a sofa during the day and a full bed at night. This will ensure that you have furniture for different purposes without congesting your small space.

In a student room, bedding is important because most of your time will be spent there. Therefore, go for a bed that is neither too big nor too small. The bed will be the biggest furniture piece that you will have; therefore, it should set a good tone for the entire room. Regardless of the colour you select, it should complement with that of your roommate to give the house a better appearance. Avoid the strong colours or patterns and go for those patterns or colours that are lighter and easy to manage.

Accessories are another way that you can use to enhance the looks of your home. You can get small rugs and fairy lights to make the room feel more homely. There is nothing as worse as having plain walls. Therefore, do not forget to include Giant posters on your wall to cover the bare spaces. Since paint and wall papers are not usually allowed, you can transform your room using artwork. Posters provide you with a cheaper and cool method of filling up all the empty spaces that are on your wall. Most universities will have a poster store during the start of a school year. Therefore, check them out so that you can get cool posters and cheaper deals.

Always try to get storage spots even in the unlikely areas. Therefore, you should be very creative with the space that you have. This will give you a neat, compact and organized student room. You have lots of storage space under your bed, therefore, make use of this area. However, it is good to only keep stuffs that you rarely use under the bed for example, roll-out storage bins and emptied suitcases.

Your room should have a chair and desk. This should provide you with a comfortable space for studying effectively. Therefore, ensure that the desk is clear of any clutter and gives you enough space for your computer. Some rooms will have lamps, if yours does not, and then ask the letting agents to give you one. This is because bed lamps and an ultra-bright desk lamp offer an additional source of light especially for the late-night study periods. In addition, they can really set a great tone in the room. Your workplace should be organized and spotlessly clean. A messy and stressful environment is not inspiring. Always use accessories that will organize your desk, for example, magazine files and pen cups to ensure that all your supplies are within reach and avoid clutters.

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